We Love The Environment

In keeping with our love for the environment, we offer green choices such as Energy Star homes and Geothermal systems to help reduce the carbon footprint while offering the latest in energy-saving products.

Geothermal systems improve efficiency by using the earth's energy to supplement heating and cooling efforts, thereby reducing the amount of energy required to keep your home at a comfortable temperature year-round.

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We are doing more and more of these installations, and homeowners are seeing the difference in their home heating and cooling bills. We installed one of these systems in 2010, and here is what the homeowners have to say about their experience:

Agro-Durant HomeMike,

The following is our favorable recommendation for anyone looking to use geothermal as their choice for heating and cooling.

When we decided to build our house in 2009 like most people we did a lot of research on the options. Putting in a geothermal heating/cooling system was one of the easier decisions for us. The more we learned about the technology, its energy efficiency, low maintenance, quietness (especially in the summer without an air conditioning compressor running outside) and tax breaks to name a few, the more we knew that’s what we wanted.

I believe we were your first home with the technology but I know we were not your last as you too soon learned of the benefits of geothermal. We have been in our new home a little over two years now and have always enjoyed our decision to put the geothermal heating and cooling system in. The house is always at a constant temperature and works best when you decide which temperature you like and leave it there rather than programming thermostats to change depending on the time of day.

For those that are unfamiliar with the geothermal concept, you have wells drilled into the ground and then fluid is circulated through tubes into those wells and back to the heating and cooling system in a closed loop. The temperature of the ground is around 50° F so when heating you are starting with a water temperature of 50°F and only need to add 20°F of heat to get to 70°F instead of taking outside air at 20°F and heating it to 70° or adding 50° of heat. Geothermal by its’ nature cools better than it heats since its’ starting temperature is at 50° the fans transfer the coldness to the house and our system transfers the house heat to our hot water tank to preheat the hot water so that energy is not wasted.

The pumps on a geothermal system use electricity to pump the fluid through the system and therefore, the more the system runs the higher the electric usage. Since the system needs to run more in the winter to produce heat our electric bills are higher in the winter and lower in the summer which is opposite someone running a conventional air conditioning system. Our house is almost 4,000 square feet and we have a propane boiler as our backup source of heat when the geothermal can not keep up with the demand in the cold winter. The boiler also produces our hot water and supplies our radiant floor heat in the bathrooms and heats the garage space.

Our average electricity bill for the past two and a half years is $212 per month. In 2010 the low was $141 in August and the high was $404 in December, in 2011 the low was $135 for September and the high was $530 in January, in 2012 the low was $111 in June and the high was $362 in January. In addition, we spent $1,522 to fill our propane tank in 2010, $1,400 in 2011 and $755 in 2012.

Clearly, we are very pleased with our choice of using geothermal for heating and cooling and would highly recommend it.


Chris Agro and Beth Durant

October 9, 2012

Mulhern HomeDear Michael,

Good luck on the upcoming geothermal open house. Michele and I continue to be completely satisfied on many levels with our geothermal unit. We would like to share with you our thoughts on our experience.

First and foremost, your guidance during the selection process was invaluable in directing us to the best equipment manufacturer, Waterfurnace, and the most knowledgable, meticulous and talented geothermal installer, A&B Cooling and Heating. Over the past 2 years, we have marveled at the geothermal’s quiet operation, ease of use, even temperature distribution, ability to dehumidify on the most humid days and keep us warm without excessive dryness on the coldest.

Second, the science behind the geothermal system brings a certain level of reassurance that we are at least trying to find alternatives to our reliance on fossil fuels. Coupled with the incredibly tight house built by you and your assistance with identifying a wonderful solar array installer, we attained the highest energy star rating available at the time of our inspection.

Third, the customer service offered by yourself, A&B cooling and Waterfurnace has been outstanding. Although to date these interactions have been mainly educational, we can only imagine that if an issue ever arises, the issue will be dealt with quickly and completely.

Finally, the available geothermal incentives and tax credits made our decision to pursue geothermal even more paramount. Coupled with the aforementioned benefits, we continue to be completely satisfied and would not consider returning to the traditional systems available today.

Once again, good luck with the open house and thanks for your expert supervision and keen determination to align with what we believe are the best geothermal contractors available today.

Your friends,

Michele and Jeff Mulhern

October 10, 2012

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