Guckel HomesFor the third time now, Michael has built a home for our family that exceeded our expectations. We cannot thank him enough for the long hours he put in with us from the start of each job.

Michael's attention to detail from the beginning of the design process until the build was completed ensured we got the quality home we desired. His experience and insight regarding certain aspects of the house design as well as during the build resulted in our expectations being exceeded!

Michael was accessible throughout the whole process, and we took advantage of it. Never once did we feel like we were "just another house" to him. Not only did he build our home, but he passed onto us a lot of knowledge at the same time. His patience in explaining anything and everything during the process can't be overstated.

We would recommend Michael to anyone in search of the best builder.

Bill and Diane Guckel
Somers, CT

Marinaccio HomeIf you are looking for a builder for your custom built, energy efficient home, Mike Leaska of Leaska Construction Company is the builder we would highly recommend.

Recently, Mike completed construction on our new home. He is a great person to work with and was always available to answer our questions. It was a team effort from the day the construction contract was signed. Mike is a professional, an extremely organized and knowledgeable builder, who has the right personality for the job. We don't think we ever saw Mike get flustered about anything! Because of Mike's experience, he is great at figuring out the best way to take care of each unique building situation that comes his way. Mike has pride in the homes he builds, and the communities he designs.

He has a strong network of subcontractors and vendors that he has developed a great relationship with over the years. He has found quality individuals that produce quality work. Because of the great relationships that he has in the industry, Mike will get the job done on time.

It was great working with all of Mike's vendors, and being an active part of the process. Susan, the kitchen designer, designed a custom-made kitchen for us that is beautiful and functional, with cabinets made of the highest quality. We are also thankful for Mike's right-hand man, Al, who is a true craftsman, and can do just about anything. Al's attention to detail, and superior workmanship, can be seen throughout our home.

We are extremely pleased with our quality built, custom home. It is exactly what we had envisioned. A lot of thought went into it, and it was truly a team effort. Thanks, Mike, for an outstanding job!

Mary and Bob Thiesing

Marinaccio HomeWe originally worked with Mike to build our home in 2012. We had been looking for the perfect house in the perfect area for months before we agreed to look into new construction. As a first time homebuyer, we didn't know what to expect and had many misconceptions about the process (budget, timeline, quality). Working with Mike redefined the process for us.

All along, we had wanted a beautiful sunroom as part of our new home but at the time of the original build, we were not ready to put one in. We shared our vision and dream with Mike and he worked with us to put a plan in place to bring that vision to life in the future. I can say with confidence that most contractors would not be interested or even care about a future addition, but creating long-lasting working relationships matters to Mike.

Six years later, we were ready to make our sunroom a reality and when I called Mike he knew exactly what we were looking for. There wasn't another construction company we wanted for the job. Mike knew our house, knew our plan, and partnered with us to make it happen. We knew the quality of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and the customized touches would be there the same as it was in our original house.

Thank you Mike and the team at Leaska Construction for completing our home with the sunroom of our dreams! It couldn't have come out nicer and beyond exceeded our vision and expectations.

Joe and Marissa Marinaccio
Somers, CT

Olearczyk HomeWe were first introduced to Mike as the builder of a new construction home that was nearly finished. My husband and I had been watching the home for several months. We decided to set up an appointment to see the house and knew from the moment we walked through the door that this was to be our home. Of course, the next steps of signing a contract and formalizing the sale were far less exciting.

We were in a situation where we had a home to sell and a few other details that made our situation a unique one. Mike readily came to the table and immediately began to think out of the box with us to make the dream of purchasing this home a reality for us. From that moment on when Mike committed to working with us to get our family into our dream home we never looked back. There was an immediate sense of trust and partnership that was established at that table.

The passion that Mike has for building quality homes with attention to detail is like none other. He is not just slapping together a bunch of cookie cutter homes in another development. Each home is an individual project for him that illustrates his passion and knowledge for creating exquisite homes. He does what is right for the home and the family, not what is most economical. There is no aspect overlooked and the attention to detail makes each home a unique treasure. We chose lighting fixtures and carpets, but honestly, we looked to Mike for recommendations as he had made all the exact choices that we would have made on our own. Additionally, his insight is invaluable. Mike stands behind his work, the products, and every aspect of the home.

Mike's commitment to us and our family will never be forgotten. There truly are no words that can describe how grateful we are to him. He is a businessman with a heart, that at the core of his work is to get families into their dream homes. We would never have been able to have our dream become a reality without Mike's compassion, collaboration, and expertise. We are happy to say that we now consider Mike to be a friend and look forward to seeing the next project as he gets ready to pour another foundation. In a time when character, heart, and doing what right is overlooked Mike embodies and reminds us that there are still truly fair and honest people in the business.

Gina and Darek Olearczyk
Somers, CT

John and Kristin HomeOur family was relocated from southern Connecticut and we were forced to find a new home rather quickly. We looked at a number of homes in the area until we stumbled upon one of the spec homes in Somers that Leaska Contstruction was working on.

The home was nearly finished except for the final details. We were obviously enamored with the way the house looked from the outside, but after we did the walk through we knew we had found our new home. The quality of the craftsmanship and the thought that went into our house was so good that even our realtor walked away impressed.

Our situation was a little unique in that we needed to be out of our old home and into this home in a very short amount of time. Add in the fact that we were trying to customize it simultaneously, and one could understand the amount of pressure Mike and his team was under trying to adhere to the timeline.

We have been in the home for 2 months now, and could not be happier. Mike was very attentive and did everything we could have asked for and more! His attention to detail is second to none, and he did an unbelievable job of communicating every phase of the job to us. We could not imagine working with anyone else, and always go out of our way to compliment Mike and his team.

John and Kristin
Somers, CT

Dusza HomeWe were referred to Leaska Construction by our architect, and after driving through several of his established neighborhoods, we knew he was the perfect one to take on our project.

The pristine condition in which his developments are maintained, the intricacies of each of his constructed homes, and the time and effort in which he put forth upon our every meeting was exactly what we were looking for in a builder - someone who listened to what we envisioned and had the skills to bring it to life.

Our interactions with Mike and his team were effortless - everyone was friendly, patient, honest and well versed in their contributing trade. Although building a house cannot be described as stress-free, working with Leaska Construction seems to have been the least stressful route we could have chosen. In the end, ahead of schedule, we were presented with a home that exceeded our expectations.

Sara & Ryan Dusza
Ellington, CT

Dear Mike,

When I told everyone I decided to build they said it would be so stressful. You actually made it a creative and a fun experience. I also was told my house would never be done as promised, but you not only finished early, you did exactly what I wanted to every detail, making it a home I can enjoy for a long time. You are truly a man of your word.

I also was so pleased with quality and customization with some brand new features you tackled with confidence and the same high quality that is your trademark.

Thanks again for your exceptional project managment, tidy and clean worksite, and terrific communication. Loved getting those text messages!! Please tell your professional and friendly crew, especially Al, how much I appreciate their fine job giving me this beautiful home that was built to last.

Cheryl Leslie
Somers, CT

Mulhern HomeDear Michael,

Michele and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for providing us with a wonderful new home.

Your thorough understanding of the entire home building process, kind demeanor, incredible availability, fantastic adaptability and use of quality subcontractors allowed us to closely partner with you to achieve our goal of a fantastic new home.

In this day of budget overruns and delayed openings, we were truly impressed with your on budget and on time delivery of our house, a true testament of a highly successful business person. Once again, many thanks for your tireless efforts to bring our family a quality, energy efficient and comfortable new home. Continued success in the future!

Jeffrey and Michele Mulhern
Somers, CT

Murdza HomeLisa and I want you to know how much we appreciate the fact that we didnít have to worry about much which was helpful due to our busy work schedules. We had two houses built for us previously by a different builder and our experience was stressful to say the least but not this time around, everything went unbelievably smoothly.

We were very surprised at how quickly the house was built and although it was completed 60 days ahead of schedule the quality was nothing short of exceptional. We can see why youíre in the business of building houses, you are professional, organized, a terrific communicator and itís obvious you put great thought into the people you hire.

Thank you for building us such a beautiful house we are both very proud to call our home. We are truly delighted.

John and Lisa Murdza
Somers, CT

McDaniel and Pierce HomeMike Leaska built our home on Pease Farm Road in Ellington, CT 6 years ago. During the year he was our builder we found him to be honest, reasonable, and enjoyable to work with. He was always open to talk to us about any decision we needed to make and worked with us on a daily basis to coordinate the building process.

After the house was built, he continued to advise us as questions would arise about the house and was supportive in the follow-up process. He has also acted as an advisor to us as we needed recommendations for further work on the house.

In conclusion, I would advise anyone to use Mike Leaska if they are going to build. People told us building was a horrible experience to go through, but working with Mike, it was truly a pleasure to build a house.

Dr. Karen McDaniel and Regina Pierce
Ellington, CT

John and Jill's HomeWe had the pleasure to work with Mike (Leaska Construction) building our home in 2003. We found it very easy to work with Mike. He always had good suggestions and was willing to make changes to customize our home.

We receive compliments all the time on our home, how beautiful it is and the quality of the construction.

John and Jill
Ellington, CT

De Atienza HomeDear Mike,

I'm not usually a letter writer, however I needed to express my appreciation to you and your team for the assistance we received in building our new dream home.

You are aware that I was a client that had very high expectations when it comes to quality and flexibility during construction. Our extensive research into developers and the service behind those developers lead to our decision to work with your company. We have made the right choice.

It is not often that I get to say that the service a company provides exceeds my expectations. Your team has done just that. Through your efforts and commitment to customer satisfaction our project has been a success from day one.

Sure we had unforeseen problems and a "few" changes, this is not uncommon with a project of this scope, I know as this is our third new construction home in five years. The key is how fast issues are addressed and changes made to accommodate our ever changing idea of what our dream home would be, no matter how small or large. The key was that you were always available to assist us. That's service.

Thanks to you and your staff our new house was a home run!

Art de Atienza
Ellington, CT

Rodrigues HomeWe moved to Ellington Heights in December 2003. The experience we had with Mike building our home and living in the neighborhood has been great. It's a beautiful development.

Miguel Rodrigues
Ellington, CT

Greene HomeIn 2001, Jim and I began searching for our dream house. One Sunday afternoon, we were driving around looking at different developments and stumbled upon Ellington Heights and loved what we saw in progress!

We went back during business hours and first met Mike's father, and had a very pleasant conversation about the development and the family owned Leaska business. We then met Mike and discussed specifics about the development. After speaking with him a few different times about the details of the building process, we felt very comfortable placing our trust in Mike and Leaska Construction to build our home.

While our house was being built, Mike was fully engaged in the process and stayed on top of every detail to ensure all of our expectations were met. We were very impressed by the quality of workmanship completed and the professionalism displayed by all those associated with Leaska Construction.

We truly enjoyed the experience of working with Mike and would highly recommend Leaska Construction to anyone seeking to build a new home.

Jim and Lori Greene
Ellington, CT

Tebbetts HomeMy wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Mike six years ago as we were looking to buy a house and relocate to Connecticut. Aside from the great lot and diverse housing options he had to offer, Mike's professionalism and flexibility made working with Leaska Construction very easy.

We worked with Mike directly throughout the building process. He was very accommodating to our last minute requests and changes, and had a good understanding of how important buying and building a home can be. Six years later, we are very happy in our home and overall we are very pleased with the quality of workmanship.

Beyond the initial transaction and building of the home, equally important in our minds, was Mike's availability and willingness to respond to questions and issues well after our closing. Specifically, at one point we had an issue with a new gas dryer that was installed incorrectly upon delivery, leading to a gas leak. Not having a reliable local plumber or any connections to help us, we called Mike and he responded immediately. Similarly, just last winter (5 years after we moved in), I called Mike about some information on a drain that we had put in. He stopped by the next time he was in our neighborhood just to help out and give me some information on who I might contact.

I'm sure Mike doesn't even remember these incidents but they stuck with us and affirmed the fact that we made the right decision when choosing a builder. Mike stands behind his work and we certainly appreciate all his efforts with our home!

Al and Debbie Tebbetts
Ellington, CT

Powell HomeWe have been so impressed with the quality of our home, that we would trust no one other than Michael Leaska to build our next home.

The Powell Family
Ellington, CT

HomeBesides the quality of construction, Mike genuinely cares about creating the best living space for you and goes the extra length to make sure you are completely satisfied with your choices. He recommends options when appropriate and accommodates you when you change your mind.

Mike exhibited not only patience but went the extra mile when we were trying to finance new construction. Although we did not build new construction as we had planned, we were absolutely sure that we wanted to own a Leaska home and bought into one of his developments. There is no question who we will work with when it comes time to build new.

Speaking as someone with exposure to many developers, I can safely say that the quality of construction, the final product, and the customer service of Leaska Construction is of the highest standards.

Name Withheld

Ryll HomeAs a first time new homebuyer, we were plagued with several misconceptions about building our dream home. We were pleasantly surprised how seamless the process really was, especially working with Mike and Leaska Construction.

Mike and his team were able to address all of our questions and concerns and on all occasions went above and beyond our expectations. Never did we imagine that we would be moving in earlier than expected, which was due to Mike's precise scheduling and lining up of subcontractors months in advance.

The quality and craftsmanship of the work done by Leaska Construction was of the best we have seen in comparison to other builders out there. We highly recommend Mike and Leaska Construction for your future homebuilding project. Job well done!

Erik & Shannan Ryll
Somers, CT

Brannon HomeOur building experience, being twice in the last five years, with Mike Leaska has been a pleasure. Mike's dedication and commitment to quality speak for themselves.

When we built the first time around all we heard were building horror stories from friends of ours that were also building. Ours was the complete opposite. We can remember going to the closing and thanking Mike for being so honest and loyal. There were no headaches at all.

We are now building our second home with Mike and once again it has been smooth and a wonderful experience. Mike offers wonderful suggestions and is always there to make the major decisions. We have found ourselves saying to Mike quite often - "do what you think is best." That is our level of trust in him and his skills.

Mike keeps in constant contact with us and makes us a part of every decision that needs to be made. We are more than pleased with the quality house that Mike provides. Mike has been very bending and willing to work with us to achieve everyone's goals. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Mike and all of his subs as well.

Thank you for your honesty and commitment.

Ted & Susan Brannon
Ellington, CT

Dear Mike,

Tom and I would like to thank you for building our house. So often one hears that the building of a house is a major headache, but we found exactly the opposite to be the case during the recent construction of our home.

The entire project, from the design phase to the landscaping, was a pleasure with Leaska Construction. We were impressed with your honesty, integrity and attention to detail. We think the team you have working for you, namely Al and Brian is top notch.

The subcontractors you have assembled were excellent to work with, offering advice and guiding us as we built our dream home. The pride you take in completing the project well ahead of the contract date is confirmed by the impressive scheduling that brought everyone together to get the job done.

We love our new home, Mike, thanks again.

Thomas & Lucille Furey
Somers, CT

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